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519 - Thank God For Bitcoin | Jimmy Song

September 08, 2021 Eric Nordhoff
Courage Cast - Build Your Belief
519 - Thank God For Bitcoin | Jimmy Song
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Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin expert and advocate.  His Twitter bio says "I will show you why Bitcoin will win".  He spends his educating people on how to program blockchain technology and program Bitcoin specifically.

He often jokes that he preaches Bitcoin to Christians and Christ to Bitcoiners.  So much so, that he was inspired to write a book about it with several other co-authors.  It's called Thank God For Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money

In this interview, Jimmy talks about:

  • The history of Bitcoin and how it works
  • How to program Bitcoin
  • What the future will look like with Bitcoin (and without it - scary!)
  • The moral failure of the current Fiat economy
  • The redemptive nature of the Bitcoin economy
  • How to start investing with Bitcoin
  • The miracle of story of the book, Thank God For Bitcoin.
  • Why Dave Ramsey should endorse Bitcoin

* All of this is organized with Chapter Markers, if you'd prefer to skip around this episode and if you're podcasting app allows.

Links mentioned in the episode:

I'm very grateful for Jimmy coming on our podcast.  I hope to have him on again for part 2 of this very worthwhile conversation.

Welcome Jimmy Song
Jimmy's Purpose For Promoting Bitcoin
The History of Bitcoin and How Bitcoin Works
How To Program Blockchain and Bitcoin
What Will The Future Look Like With Bitcoin?
Should I Sell My House With Bitcoin?
How Do I Start Investing in Bitcoin?
The Miracle Story of Thank God For Bitcoin
Why Dave Ramsey Should Endorse Bitcoin
Wrap Up